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 From our friends at SBC Animal Services...

Our sweet little puppy, who we have named Koa, underwent the first of possibly several surgeries with Dr. Tina Taylor at Buellton Veterinary Clinic. Today her wound was properly cleaned and sutures were put in place. In addition her tail, which appeared to be a home done tail cropping, was repaired as it was very painful for her. We are continuing to investigate and work with our friends at PETS Hospital to get more information on the person who brought this abused puppy in. If you have any information about this situation please contact our office at 805-934-6119x7. YOU can be the change in our community by providing a voice for the voiceless! If you see something, say something.

Koa is a Hawaiian name that means valiant warrior, one that is strong, brave, and fearless. We are so appreciative of all of your support and thank you for the donations. Koa has a long road ahead of her so please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Santa Barbara County Animal Care Foundation for her ongoing care and the care of other animals that enter our shelter abandoned or abused.

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You can help Koa and animals like Koa by donating below.  We are 100% all volunteer non profit, and all donations directly benefit the shelter animals of our 3 county shelters with medical, behavioral, or any other need.


Your support for Koa and animals like Koa is appreciated

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About Us



It is our mission to promote animal welfare and to better the quality of life for animals in Santa Barbara County through education, outreach, collaboration and promotion of the humane ethic and responsible treatment of all animals. 


Our Commitment

The SBC Animal Care Foundation, Inc. was established in the Spring of 2002. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit 501 (c)3 organization. Funds that are donated to our foundation are not donations to the County, we are a separate Foundation that was established.  Our efforts and focus are supporting & maintaining Santa Barbara County Animal Services No Kill Achievement.


Funding for pets

We often receive requests from pet guardians/owners who are struggling to find the funding to pay for a needed surgery or treatment. Although we appreciate the dedication of each pet guardian/owner, the Santa Barbara County Animal Care Foundation, Inc. does not have the funding to assist with the medical funding of animals who have guardians/owners. It make our hearts heavy to have to refuse, but 

How can you make a difference?

Pet Population

 Pet overpopulation is a problem in our community

  • The next time you add a four legged member to your family adopt from a local county shelter

Spay and Neuter your pets


  • Unless your pet is of a champion bloodline, please consider spaying or neutering your pet
  • Your pet will have less of a desire to roam or act aggressively
  • Your pet will also gain health & comfort benefits from being fixed

License and microchip your pet


  • A license is your pet’s best ticket home
  • Because collars can come off when a pet is lost, an added microchip will act as a permanent form of identification
  • All stray animals are checked for a license and scanned as they come into a county shelter

Vaccinate your pets regularly

  • Vaccinating your pet regularly is important for longevity and health
  • All puppies and kittens need all three baby shots prior to going out in public; otherwise they are vulnerable to deadly diseases such as parvo and distemper
  • It is the law that all dogs are vaccinated regularly for Rabies
  • Visit your veterinarian or contact the Santa Maria Animal Center to schedule your pet’s next vaccination

How can you contact us?

Phone Number (805) 260-2386

Please allow up to 24 hours for a phone call back

Mailing Address:

P.O Box 307

Santa Maria, CA 93456


P.O Box 86

Goleta, CA 93116

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We cannot do this without you!  We are a 100% volunteer group of active volunteers.  All donations received go directly to the animals with very little overhead.  We appreciate every penny (and so do the animals!)

Non Profit ID: 68-0498950 

What does my donation or sponsorship go towards?

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 Together we can save and enrich the lives of the homeless animals of our community. 

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We are a all volunteer group, please allow up to 24 hours for a response.  Thank you!

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