Sponsorship Opportunities

How can my business help SBCACF?

  • SBCACF sponsorship is an unique partnership, by attaching your company name to a wonderful cause it shows your business supports the needs and issues of our community
  • SBCACF is grateful and values each and every one of our sponsors.
  • We show our gratitude by opening a new venue for our sponsors to reaching out to the community through the promotional partnership on our event posters, brochures, event t-shirts, etc… (included in the funding of your sponsorship donation depending upon the level of sponsorship)
  • Bang For Your Buck- we know the cost of advertising is expensive. We offer a cost effective way for you to advertise. A sponsorship donation to SBCACF not only acts as a tax write-off for your company, but also has the added benefit of advertising and promotion of your business, as our way of thanking you. while making a huge difference by helping advance the Santa Barbara County Animal Care Foundation’s mission you also help innocent, homeless animals to a better life
  • Your sponsorship allows us to provide needed education and outreach to enlighten our community to act as more responsible and informed pet owners and advocates
  • Your sponsorship provides medical programs that save lives
  • Any size of investment from your business makes a huge difference to our cause