Frequently asked questions

How is your organization unique in our community?

  • SBCACF is working with all three shelters by providing medical assistance to homeless animals in need.
  • Through humane education and outreach, promoting responsible pet ownership. It is our belief that individuals and organizations working together can create a positive community environment of responsible pet stewardship.

How is the SBCACF assisting the County Shelters reach their 'no-kill' goal?

  • SBCACF is a county-wide organization assisting all three County Animal Services' shelters in reaching their goal of becoming a "no-kill" of adoptable and treatable animals.
  • We provide funding and support to other non-profit organizations that directly work with Animal Services.
  • Currently, the Santa Barbara Animal Shelter is no- kill for its adoptable animals. SBCACF continues to support and aid in the efforts of the Santa Maria and Lompoc shelters in reaching this goal.

Who decides how the money that is received by the SBCACF is spent?

  • It is very important to distinguish that donations to SBCACF are not donations to the County of Santa Barbara.
  • SBCACF is a separate non-profit organization; it has an all-volunteer Board of Directors that manages donations, grants and the money raised from our annual events.
  • Some funds are restricted, meaning the donor specified that the money be used for a sole purpose. Other money is placed in an unrestricted account to fund Board-approved items and requests that come from Animal Services to benefit the animals.